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C.G. Natural Birth of Paul on 8/10/09 at BIDMC

The following is an interview between Chris Just, Executive Director of Prenatal Education, and Isis Maternity client and new mom, C.G.:

What inspired you to†you choose natural childbirth?

My mom and one of my sisters had natural births.† I think they inspired me to consider the idea of laboring without medication. Then I read The Pregnancy Book by Sears and decided I wanted the full experience of giving birth.† I was never opposed to epidurals but I thought I would give it my best shot to go natural.

What parts of the Natural Childbirth class were most helpful to you?

The instructor gave us some great imagery to help us stay calm.† She told us to imagine we could remove the uterus as it contracted and put it on a shelf so the rest of the body would stay completely relaxed while the uterus did all the work.† Then, when fully dilated, we could put the uterus back in and get on with actively pushing the baby out.† Our instructor also reminded us that in between contractions there is no pain.† I used the imagery and the rest period between contractions to stay calm and relaxed which helped me conserve my energy.

Final thoughts?

I am so grateful for my instructor Nancy (Gair) and her Natural Childbirth class at Isis.† With†her help I felt confident to request the birth I’d imagined and with the help of my husband and†my nurse,†Suzy,†it happened!† I was so happy to have a natural childbirth†- not even a heplock or a Tylenol :) † I felt/feel empowered.† I know what my body is capable of and it was an experience I shall treasure forever.† I am so, so happy and enjoying this precious time with my son, Paul.

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4 Responses to Sharing birthstories
  1. laura Bonfanti
    October 22, 2009 | 11:49 am

    Really – I don’t get this whole obsession with “natural birth” and how it makes women feel so “empowered.” If you go to the dentist for a filling, wouldn’t you expect to get a shot/painkiller/novacaine – whatever?!? Would you want to brag about getting dental work done without painkillers? Then why should the pain of childbirth be any different? Get off your high horse – there is really nothing noble and wonderful about the no drugs route – in fact I just think it’s stupid!!!

    • Nancy
      October 24, 2009 | 1:37 pm

      I think it’s really an each-to-her-own approach. Some women find natural childbirth an achievable goal to strive toward, to experience the birth and newborn in the most natural way possible. Others have zero interest in this experience, and fully embrace the most modern options that medical science may offer. I don’t think that there should be judgment calls either way – rather, that women can decide what they are most comfortable with.

  2. kristin
    November 14, 2009 | 6:18 pm

    A lot of women approach/view natural childbirth the way a runner or cyclist might view an Ironman triathalon or a a climber might view Everest, etc. — it is a physical and psychological goal to achieve. It takes focus, drive, strength, stamina and physical fitness. In this way, it makes sense that they feel empowered if they are successful in reaching their goal — and that is why it might seem that they are “bragging” or that natural childbirth is viewed as noble. We don’t judge athletes for feeling proud if they meet their goals, do we? Anyway, I had an epidural for my delivery and I wouldn’t dream of ever having natural childbirth BUT I think it is pretty impressive that many women do….just as I think it is impressive to complete an Ironman or the Boston Marathon, etc.

  3. Sharon
    November 20, 2009 | 12:26 am

    Congrats, C.G.! That’s a great story! I have to say I am disappointed to read Laura’s comment. I don’t know why a woman would come down on a another woman for her birth plan/choice. As Nancy said, it’s a personal choice just like most things in life, and who is to say what is right and what is wrong. I don’t see C.G. as bragging or on a high horse. There is no denying that natural childbirth is an accomplishment and should be applauded…it is FAR from stupid. Laura, you mention dental work, but that is a medical procedure, and childbirth is a natural bodily function that has been happening since the beginning of the world when there was no medical intervention per se. If a woman can do it, why not?! Why not avoid something that has risks and can cause complications/side effects? If you had a choice of giving your child something organic or something full of pesticides, what choice would you make for your child? Babies born naturally are more alert, and there are many other positive correlations that I won’t get into.

    That being said, I don’t judge women who decide (for whatever reason) to go the pain management route. We all have our own unique situations which influence the choices we make. I personally am very sensitive to medication and was worried that I might have a bad reaction, which during childbirth could have been awful. That ultimate made my decision for me above and beyond just wanting to do the most natural thing for my baby.

    After being way too wordy I just want to say that I thought C.G. was simply sharing her story. I didn’t see bragging in it. Laura, maybe you feel jealous/guilty/some other emotion, and this story just triggered something in you. There is no room for judgement or hatred when it comes to something as personal as childbirth.

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