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New Recommendations to Detect and Evaluate Gross and Fine Motor Delays


Tweet In a recent study published in Pediatrics this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics outlines specific recommendations for pediatricians on detecting and evaluating gross and fine motor delays in infants and toddlers. Gross motor development refers to your child’s larger muscle groups like their neck, trunk, and legs, and skills like sitting and walking….

Isis Moms Share Parenting Advice

Tweet We asked Isis parents what was the best parenting advice they’ve received and who gave it to them. Here’s what they shared with us: “Go with your gut.” ~ Olivia S. “Bad moments don’t make bad mommies” I read that online somewhere, can’t remember. ~ Lily P. “Trust your instincts” and “Ask for help…

Tips from a Sleep Consultant: Siblings and Room Sharing


Tweet Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sharing a room with my twin sister, so I always knew I wanted my own children to share, even if they didn’t have to. As one of the twin sleep specialists at Isis Parenting, and with my own personal experience combining my four kids in small…

VBAC Success! 5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Repeat Cesarean


Tweet “Many women are afraid to attempt a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), because they fear they will fail.” These are the words uttered by a maternal-fetal-medicine fellow that had surveyed women who chose a repeat Cesarean over a VBAC. She and I met at a recent perinatal quality meeting in which elective delivery prior to…

The Isis Parenting Pathway to Preschool


Tweet Cruisers and Climbers? Discoverers? Adventurers? Isn’t it amazing how quickly your baby adds new skills to his repertoire? One day, you’re watching for the first hint of a smile. Before you know it, your baby is “talking” to you, and rolling over, and sitting up and…what’s next?! To help you (and your little one)…

Preparing your child to be an older brother or sister (part 1 of 3)

Kiss The Baby

Tweet Bringing home a new baby is a much different experience the second or third time around. When you were expecting your first, you were concerned with the uncertainty of childbirth or how you were going to care for a newborn. When you are expecting your second baby, you are most likely more concerned with…

Ten Things to Pack for the Beach, Pool or Park with a Baby or Toddler.


Tweet Sun Hat – wide floppy brimmed to protect nape of neck and ears. Choose a hat with UPF sun protection and a chin tie to help keep it on. See our sunhats >> Sunscreen Wipes – the wipes from MDmoms are hypoallergenic and approved even for a very young baby’s sensitive skin. Sunscreen wipes are…

Is Prenatal Yoga For Me?


Tweet I would not call myself a yogi. While I love to exercise, I generally prefer cardiovascular activities that boost my heart rate and give me that exercise “high” I love. I’ve never been flexible and I spent many years thinking yoga was something limber people did to relax and unwind. I’m also not very…