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An Expectant Isis Mom’s View on Mom in the Making


Tweet We’re celebrating the birth of our new series, Mom in the Making, with classes starting up next week in Arlington, Prudential and Hanover. Our goal is to bring together a community of women, in their second trimester of pregnancy, to share their questions, experiences and the excitement of this special time with one another….

Academic Achievement and Gestational Age


Tweet The battle against elective delivery before 39 weeks has been growing over the last few years due to some powerful campaigns such as March of Dimes’ Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait and AWHONN’s 40 Reasons to Go the Full 40 Weeks. A recent study lends even more credence to these crusades. The results,…

Yoga and Depression


Tweet A recent scientific health and wellness study conducted in England shows evidence that yoga eases depression and promotes maternal bonding during pregnancy. As stated in the abstract, “Overall, this pilot study is the first to demonstrate that M-Yoga may be an effective treatment alternative or augmentation to pharmacotherapy for pregnant women at high risk…

Whooping Cough Warnings!

Little girl with the flu

Tweet Whooping cough, also known as Pertussis, is a highly contagious disease that can affect anyone but is most concerning when it strikes children, especially babies, who are exceptionally vulnerable to the disease. Historically, Pertussis was a formidable contender for the U.S. population with hundreds of thousands of cases per year, but we gained the…

The Importance of a Car Seat Checkpoint

Tweet In many of our classes at Isis (Newborn Essentials, Toddler Essentials, Toddler CPR and Safety, and Great Beginnings, to name a few) we discuss car seat safety and the importance of having your car seat installed by a Child Passenger Safety Technician. I find that many people aren’t aware of this very valuable resource…

Why is finding care for your pregnancy so hard?

pregnancy test

Tweet “I am new to Boston and trying to make my way through the ob/gyn maze. I just found out I’m pregnant and have received a number of recommendations for ob/gyns and then, corresponding horror stories about the places these doctors deliver babies… Not looking for perfection, just the best choice for me,” wrote a…

A New Group for Expecting Moms


Tweet How often in your life have you had the thought, “I wish someone had told me _______”? In the world of pregnancy, birthing, and parenting we hear it all the time. “I wish someone had told me how tired I’d be,” “I wasn’t prepared for how I would feel about my baby after the…

4 Tips to Help Reduce Fear of Childbirth


Tweet Many childbirth educators, doulas and labor and delivery nurses have witnessed and taught about the role that fear and tension can play in causing increased labor pain – which can then lead to slower progress and more dysfunctional labor.  A recent study in the June 27th online issue of BJOG found that fear does…