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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercises during the first two trimesters should focus on core strength to support the lower back throughout pregnancy.

Tweet Did you know that while generally up to 87% of women exercise regularly, only 38% of pregnant women do? Once considered a no-no, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women exercise at a moderate intensity – in other words, at a perceived exertion of fairly light to somewhat hard…

4 Reminders for New Dads During the First Few Months of Parenthood


Tweet The discussions that take place in our Great Beginnings classes with new mothers and in our Time for Dads series with new fathers could be the subject of a fascinating sociological study.  A few of the “She said – He said” comments that we hear every week: My husband is not as involved with…

Share MayFlowers to Support Women’s Pelvic and Perinatal Health


Tweet Why Share MayFlowers? A few words from Founder Jessica McKinney, PT, MS: May is a month of new beginnings and blooming flowers. A day and a week are already set aside in May to honor mothers and to promote women’s health, respectively. Good stuff, to be sure. But not enough. We want the whole…

How Doulas Make Labor and Postpartum Easier, Happier, and Safer

As a doula since 1995, I have seen many families get an easier start with skilled and compassionate support.

Tweet Using a doula is one of the best steps expectant or new parents can take, to help them have a shorter labor and reduce the risk of a cesarean, as well as to improve their chances of breastfeeding success and help prevent postpartum depression.  As a doula since 1995, I have seen many families…

Back Strain, Groin Pain and Varicose Veins: Products that Relieve the Discomforts of Pregnancy and Birth


Tweet Whether it’s swelling, abdominal strain, back pain, varicosities or ligament pain, most new or expecting moms experience at least one negative side effect of pregnancy or postpartum that could be reduced by some form of support wear or other specialty product. But how do you navigate the multitude of products that are available on…

Rethinking Running While Pregnant: Is It A Good Idea For Mom?


Tweet Running while pregnant…should moms do it? Should healthcare providers endorse it? This has become a hotly debated topic recently, since Amber Miller ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2011 while nine months pregnant and gave birth just hours after. It turns out she also ran the Indianapolis marathon while 18 weeks pregnant with her…

The 2012 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller: A Video Test-Drive


Tweet The UPPAbaby Vista stroller has long been a favorite among Isis parents and our staff. It has a smart, versatile design that grows with your child. The construction is high quality and the company (right here in Massachusetts) provides excellent customer service. Barring an in-person demo from one of our center associates, one of…

A Boy Becomes a Brother: Pregnancy Journal Week 38

Giving your child a doll is a nice way to "practice" being an older sibling.

Tweet I tend to get so caught up in the physical and mental aspects of pregnancy that I don’t think as much as I should about how things will go after the baby comes. Sure, I think about breastfeeding and co-sleeping and strollers. But it’s hard to visualize your actual life with a new baby….