Maternity Wear Basics: Classic pieces that will last your whole pregnancy

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and family & friends have heard the exciting news that you’re pregnant, reality sets in one morning– you can’t button your pants! Is your wardrobe prepared for the next 6 months with the basics for all occasions? Isis Senior Buyer Susan Scheele recalls her own experience with maternity wear and shares some of her top maternity fashion tips.

I’m so excited to introduce you to the incredible and stylish options you have, which are numerous compared to my own experience (to say the least). Here’s how I did it: I graduated from college, got married 5 months later and had my first baby the following year; this was sixteen years ago and the maternity clothing options were pretty pathetic. Add the fact that I went to Art School and studied Fashion Design so there was no way I was about to sacrifice my sense of style to dress in a frock that made me look like a beached whale. Instead I shopped the clearance rack in the mens department at the Gap and survived my pregnancy in non-maternity leggings and mens button down shirts- I was comfortable but a far cry from my usual stylish self.

Well, things have certainly changed; maternity wear hit the cover of Women’s Wear Daily for the first time and Hollywood has made the “bump” hyper trendy. Invest in some high quality basics and then accessorize with pieces you already have and you won’t break the bank purchasing clothes you’re only going to wear for a short time.

Here are my top tips for creating the ultimate maternity wardrobe:

A black bottom and a black skirt finish off any polished look. These timeless trousers from Noppies are comfortable go-with-everything black pants you’ll wear throughout your pregnancy. The Basic A-Line Skirt from Ripe Maternity is the perfect throw on-and-go style. Top this flattering knit yoke skirt with your favorite tank and a pair of comfy sandals for a walk along the Esplanade or dress it up for a night out on the town.

A white shirt in long or short sleeves gives a crisp finish and can layer over if you’re looking to be a little more casual. Say goodbye to your hubby’s oxford shirts, you can now have your own! The sleeves and back of the Odessa Blouse by Noppies are jersey knit, which allow for stretch, making this a great everyday option.

A cardigan is a must-have layering piece to deal with fluctuations in temperature. (Welcome to the hormonal roller-coaster!) We love this cardigan from Ripe Maternity– it’s the essential layering piece.

A pop of color off of dark bottoms is always a great answer to any wardrobing dilemma. We love the Scoopneck Tube T from Ripe Maternity. The rouched sides and long length will last throughout your pregnancy and grow with your belly.

And don’t forget jeans! Maternal America Distressed Denim has an incredible fit that will carry you through pregnancy and beyond. The forgiving wide knit waistband rides below the belly and allows for maximum comfort. You can also wear a trendy Skinny Jean, which despite their name are designed to fit and flatter a pregnant woman.

Not only will these pieces take you up to the big event, but they’ll transition you through those first few postpartum weeks as well. Don’t be afraid of wearing these pieces over and over again, we’ve chosen quality, versitile, mix & match styles that will compliment any wardrobe. Throw in your own accessories to add your personal flair and show off your baby bump with style!

Susan Scheele
Isis Senior Buyer

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  1. Nancy
    March 11, 2010 | 9:41 pm

    Agree, agree – black pants or leggings plus a bright solid top, alternating with jeans and a white button-down was pretty much my pregnancy uniform twice around. Great fitting maternity jeans are a must too.

  2. Maternity Clothes
    March 24, 2010 | 5:31 am

    Its a good idea to have multi well-designed maternity wear. This way you get full use out of your maternity wardrobe and it may also cost you less in the long run.

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