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A tour of any of our local hospitals’ maternity wards, with their amazing resources and high standards, confirms how truly privileged we are to have a clean and safe place to bring our babies into the world. And thus assured, we’re free to focus on other questions of pregnancy and birth: how do I avoid gaining too much weight? Are there tubs and birthing balls in my ward? What kind of pain relief will I want?

But the majority of women in developing countries worldwide don’t have the benefit of such luxuries, or even the most basic medical, prenatal, or infant care. In fact, every year over 10 million mothers and children die, most from preventable causes. And that’s why Infante Sano (Spanish for Healthy Infant), a nonprofit organization affiliated with Boston’s Children’s Hospital, has developed a program to improve the health and well being of mothers and infants in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Isis Maternity is proud to be teaming up with Infante Sano to give you a wonderful alternative gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. Instead of giving flowers and chocolate consider giving the gift of life. For only $25 you can sponsor a clean, safe birth for a woman and her child, and we’ll send your mom a card telling her that for mother’s day her child helped save a life. Make your mother proud and help another woman give her child a healthy start to life. To sponsor a birth for mother’s day, go to

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