Your Growing Child

Feeding Your Baby: Starting Solids (part 1 of 4)


Tweet Rice cereal at four months or at six? Or, don’t start with cereal at all – instead, offer avocado or sweet potato to begin. Don’t give egg whites, wheat or fish during first year, and always introduce one new food at a time. Offer pretty much anything, any time. Spoon feed purees. Don’t spoon…

Introducing your child to their new little brother or sister (part 2 of 3)


Tweet You’ve spent months preparing for the arrival of your new baby – filling the drawers in the nursery, pulling baby toys down from the attic, stock-piling diapers, and talking endlessly to your beloved first born about their new baby brother or sister-to-be. Then the day arrives when you have that new member of your…

Magic Merlin Sleep Suit – in this weather?


Tweet If you’ve seen the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit at Isis, you may have wondered why we are selling what looks like a snow suit in the summer. I know that was my initial reaction when the sleep suit was given to me in the summer of 2011! My son was born in June and…

6 Common Parent Anxieties During the Potty Training Process


Tweet Getting your child started with potty training can be difficult enough. But when things do not seem to be going smoothly, are taking longer than expected or your child starts to regress, parents and caregivers may begin to think it may never happen. According to Elizabeth Pantley, author of the No-Cry Potty Training Solution,…

Babywearing Bliss: How wearing your child can change your life

Erin snuggles up with her infant son in a Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Tweet Have you ever wished you had octopus arms? Juggling baby, dog, diaper bag, vacuum, two-year-old, and whatever else you have in your life can be completely overwhelming! While I don’t know anyone who has come up with tentacles for parents yet, I do have a solution for the baby part: babywearing. While the idea…

New Recommendations to Detect and Evaluate Gross and Fine Motor Delays


Tweet In a recent study published in Pediatrics this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics outlines specific recommendations for pediatricians on detecting and evaluating gross and fine motor delays in infants and toddlers. Gross motor development refers to your child’s larger muscle groups like their neck, trunk, and legs, and skills like sitting and walking….

Does my Baby Need Water? Introducing Drinks to Babies and Toddlers

Give your child a taste for water from early on. Water is the best and healthiest drink for children and adults.

Tweet When the weather gets warm, parents often wonder and worry about their baby’s hydration. During an infant’s early weeks, parents are warned that water is dangerous for babies, so the very idea of putting water in a cup or bottle makes parents nervous even beyond the newborn stage. However, midway into your baby’s first…

Tips from a Sleep Consultant: Siblings and Room Sharing


Tweet Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sharing a room with my twin sister, so I always knew I wanted my own children to share, even if they didn’t have to. As one of the twin sleep specialists at Isis Parenting, and with my own personal experience combining my four kids in small…