Only at Isis

One of our favorite things to say around headquarters in Needham is “Only at Isis.” It’s rare for a week to go by without this utterance. It’s usually accompanied by a guffaw and a roll of the eyes because it typically refers to a bizarre convergence of things that could only happen in an environment such as ours. And by that I mean a place run mostly by women (and a few brave men) focused on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting–and the products that support these life transitions.

Childbirth education props provide much fodder for our favorite saying. It’s not uncommon for a plastic pelvis mold or a cloth placenta to be lying around on someone’s desk. And inevitably someone will have the need to say could you pass me my notebook? It’s over there next to the placenta.”

My favorite is the photo at right which was taken during one of the days leading up to the launch of our newest center on the South Shore. Many team members were on hand to unpack inventory, stock shelves and set up classrooms. We had just ordered lunch for our crew. And so there you have it, a tray of sandwiches, a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer (because we’re clean freaks) and a box of Breastfeeding Basics teaching supplies complete with a large anatomically correct breast. Where else could this happen? Only at Isis.

In order to protect the innocent, I’ll skip the story about one of our inventory processors who decided to “try on” a V2 supporter one day (if you need to ask what that is, you don’t want to know). I’ll just say that it was captured on film and it most definitely warrants an ‘Only at Isis’ shout out.

And, lastly, I’ll leave you with this photo at left. Yes, that is a full-body Isis Monkey suit and it was HANDMADE by our fabulous Needham Center Manager, Ann Roberts. Go ahead. Say it with me! Only at Isis!

Jo McChesney, Isis CEO & Co-Founder


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Isis Parenting has a diverse team of staff experts in pregnancy, newborn care, safety, child development, breastfeeding, fitness and nutrition and more.

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