Outgrowing your diaper bag? Graduate to the Lillebaby

Do you find that as your child grows you are outgrowing your diaper bag?

This is exactly how I have been feeling the past few months since my son officially entered toddlerhood. I was getting really tired of dragging my oversized diaper bag just to go to the playground or grab lunch at a restaurant. I was annoyed that every time I needed to get the bib out or quickly find a sippy cup, sanitizing wipe, or toy car I had to practically empty the entire contents of the bag to find them. I especially hated how my larger diaper bag would drag against the wheels of our umbrella stroller and slow us down or tip the stroller over when I took my son out.

Now that I don’t have to worry about carrying 3 extra outfits for unforseen blow-outs or 10 pacifiers in case he spits them out onto the grungy floor in the supermarket, I don’t need a super-sized diaper bag. I searched around whenever I was out and about for the perfect replacement bag, even willing to settle for just a plain old bag or purse that was just the right size with enough pockets to help me organize. I wasn’t finding anything worthy for the cause.

Just when I thought I was stuck with my cumbersome bag, Isis added a new diaper bag line called Lillebaby. The Lillebaby Stockholm diaper bag was exactly what I was looking for! It has so many great features that are designed to make a busy mom’s life easier. You can throw this bag over your shoulder and it won’t weigh you down. The interior is surprisingly roomy and allows you to see the whole picture of what your toting. The stroller clips perform double-duty to attach toys, jackets or blankies. The easy access wipes dispenser allows you to quickly clean up runny noses or sticky hands without missing a beat. (Remember–you have a toddler now so by the time you open the box of wipes your kid will be across the street.) The built-in waste bag pocket has already proven useful when at the beach with a sandy, wet diaper I didn’t want to leave for the seagulls to fight over. And, I love that this bag has 10 (no, that is not a typo) pockets so I can organize the few things I still have to tote.

Best of all, this bag will convert easily into a stylish tote for a girls night out just by taking the changing pad out (and the extra diapers, pacifiers and legos)! This makes convincing my husband why I need a yet another bag twice as easy.

Erin Bose, mom of one toddler son

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