Birth story of Rowan, by Marina and Jennifer

rowan porter novoa

After passing my due date of November 10th, I finally went into labor on Friday, November 16th at 2:30 am! The contractions were similar to what I had been experiencing for several weeks, but this time they lasted a lot longer than usual so I knew this was going to be different. We called the…

Stroller Shopping 101: How to Buy a Stroller

Baby stroller shopping can be overwhelming.

When it’s time to start shopping for a stroller, expecting families may be bowled over by the number of choices, features and brands available. Many of our clients say it’s like buying a car! At Isis, we’ve created a popular workshop called Stroller School, where Boston-area parents-to-be can get the basics from our stroller experts….

The heat is on: dry baby skin and stuffy noses


The heat is on! Indoors, that is. When the weather gets chilly outside, the heat goes on inside. Babies and toddlers can be super-sensitive to the drier air indoors, causing dry itchy skin, rough red cheeks, nasal congestion and a nighttime cough. All of which can result in dry mucus membranes and much more frequent…

Cut Out the Bulk: How to Bundle Up Babies & Toddlers Safely in Car Seats

The Isis Cozy Cover fits snugly over an infant car seat.

These past couple of weeks have made it obvious that winter is here, and chillier weather means it’s time to put on the layers! That is, unless you’re traveling in a car seat. When your little one is in any type of car seat (infant, convertible or booster), you want to cut out the bulk…

6 Ways to Keep Baby Warm and Comfortable in Cold Weather

Keep baby's skin safe from the cold with well-designed winter wear.

Baby, it’s cold outside! Babies are born and live in every climate imaginable, from brutal heat to bitter, arctic cold. Even when you’re experiencing a frigid cold spell, you don’t need to be stuck indoors when the mercury dips low. Babies who live in Buffalo, NY are not physiologically any different than those who live…

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