Prenatal Yoga – Connecting with the Life Within

"Just sitting still and quiet, I feel a deep connection to the new being coming from a mysterious place through my body and into the world."

When I signed up for my prenatal yoga teacher training, I was a bit apprehensive about attending as I had not had children of my own.† However, my fears that I wouldnít understand the women I would be teaching were alleviated when I met other not-yet-mothers in my class.

Now, I am ten weeks pregnant with my first child, and prenatal yoga is taking on a new importance in my life.†† The first two months have been filled with so many physical changes, including intense tiredness and low blood pressure, that my yoga practice has completely changed.†† I thought I would make it through my first trimester practicing as I had before pregnancy, but I never realized the changes would come on so quickly.†

After teaching this to others for the past three years, my personal practice is now prenatal yoga; and I love it!† I am also discovering what postures I can adapt and include in the prenatal classes I teach.† I feel confident practicing and teaching sun salutations with pauses and modified positions, which had not been included in my training.† New doors of possibilities open every day as I explore the potential and ability of my changing body.† I strongly believe my yoga practice is keeping me feeling healthy and strong.

Most importantly, my prenatal yoga practice is a time to connect with the little life that is growing within; and not a day goes by that I am not completely amazed.† During busy days, my yoga practice is the pause during which I can reflect on this amazing experience.† Meditation is very important for this purpose.†† Just sitting still and quiet, I feel a deep connection to the new being coming from a mysterious place through my body and into the world.† Off the yoga mat, I find walking in nature, taking quiet time for myself, reading positive birth stories, and eating fresh healthy food is part of a yogic lifestyle that I feel is important to my overall well-being.††

In addition, these simple actions of being within help me to overcome some of the anxiety and fears that creep in when I get caught up in all the fast-paced information about pregnancy and birth.† It is definitely one of the most fascinating, exciting, and sometimes scary, adventures I have ever been on.† I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with my students!

Tonya Solerno, Isis Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Prenatal Yoga classes are available at all four Isis centers.

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