Wonder What Isis Parenting is All About? Watch our Video

Through the magic of our shopping site, our blog and our new online learning program, more and more parents across the country (and even abroad) are taking advantage of what Isis has to offer. Still curious about who we are and what we do? Looking for a way to explain Isis to your family and friends?

Look no further than the Isis Parenting video. A few months ago with help from the folks at Blackscreen Studios, we created this video to demonstrate our education, service and product offerings. Although itís difficult to capture everything that we do in one 3-minute segment, we did our best. Take a look at Isis from the perspective of our staff, our hospital partners, and most importantly, our clients and their babies.

About Isis Parenting

Isis Parenting has a diverse team of staff experts in pregnancy, newborn care, safety, child development, breastfeeding, fitness and nutrition and more.

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